New Single – Look Me in the Eye

“I want you to look me in the eye
I wanna be your alibi”

“Songs with actual lyrics and melodies!” Bob Spencer (Angels, Skyhooks)

The new single by Whtsqr is available now.

Look Me in the Eye is an up-beat pop number. Jeff Jenkins (Inpress) called it “classic guitar pop” and we’re good with that.

The video features a robot and a pretty French girl – sparks will fly. It’s available here:, or you can watch it below.

“Look Me in the Eye” will be officially launched at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton on the 30th of January (Facebook event:

For interviews or questions or comments, contact Guy on 0414 401 144.

download_f2 Download “Look Me in the Eye” FREE for airplay here


Check out the video:


Poster art for launch:

single launch2

Earlier releases

New Single – Tiny Henchmen

They carry their rope and guns with a heavy tread that belies their size
They have an evil glint in their eyes

The new single by Whtsqr, from the album “The Things She Never Owned” is available now.

Tiny Henchmen is about the malevolent forces at work in the human heart, so it’s incredibly appropriate to be releasing is in the middle of an election campaign, don’t you agree?

Charles Jenkins said of Whtsqr “These are beautiful songs, perfectly delivered each and every time” and Tiny Henchmen is no exception. The new single features an intriguing video based on amazing time-lapse imagery by François Vautier.

This song is also unique in the context of the album as it’s the only one on which Guy plays every instrument. So, there’s no-one else to blame if you hate it. We’ll be hoping you love it though! Get the video here

download_f2 Download Tiny Henchmen for airplay here: Tiny Henchmen

Video for Tiny Henchmen



New Single – Calm and Defenseless

“You’re calm and defenseless
You don’t wanna fence sit
You’re right up against it but you don’t know what it is”

The new single by Whtsqr, from the album “The Things She Never Owned” is available now.

Charles Jenkins said of Whtsqr “These are beautiful songs, perfectly delivered each and every time” and Calm and Defenseless is no exception. The new single has a spankin’ new video to go with it., which David Bridie described as “a cracking film clip” and Nicholas Roy declared “awesome”.  You can check it out, and download the single, from the Press page on the Whtsqr site:

About the song, Guy says “When I wrote this song I had in mind awkward times in noisy clubs, wanting to talk to people but having no idea where to start. It’s about feeling disconnected and alone, but also about the theatre of it all and how weirdly it makes us all behave.”

The video contrasts the land of the nightclub with life on the International Space Station.

Which vision makes you feel more alone?

download_f2 Download Calm and Defenseless for airplay here: Calm and Defenseless

download_f2  Download from Airit (

Video for Calm and Defenseless:



Single: No Mystery

“I eat my dinner off the floor
Not walking upright any more”

download_f2 Download No Mystery here: No Mystery




Press release

Whtsqr launches an album you’ll be playing over and over again – ‘The Things She Never Owned’ at Bar 303, 30 June.
Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s not every day someone just comes out of the shadows and hands you a collection of jewels. Rejoice, for this is such a day.

Listen once and be reminded a bit of break through ‘break-up’ albums like Sea Change or Blood on the Tracks.  Listen twice and the songs are under your skin for good.

‘The Things She Never Owned’ is the work of Whtsqr (“White Square”), the disemvowelled alter-ego of bedroom musician Guy Morton

“Recording each of the songs on this album has been satisfying in itself, but I’m incredibly excited to be bringing this album to life by playing it with a fantastic band. There’s a magic to playing live that’s hard to beat.”

There are 12 original songs on the album – from the almost Astral Weeks-like Polythene Sky through the startling imagery of Melted Woman to the Countrydylanesque Midnight Souvlaki and the sparkling pop nugget No Mystery.

“These are beautiful songs, superbly delivered each and every time.” – Charles Jenkins

“The songs were so realised, melodic and confident that I started to wonder if this was actually a covers night of covers no-one knew” – David Nichols, Presenter 3RRR

“Great production quality, great song writing, great strings, just great. Love the lazy groove that is ‘Calm and Defenceless’. ‘No Mystery’ just doesn’t go long enough for mine. A masterpiece.” – Stephen Anderson, Presenter 3RRR 

Whtsqr album launch: 

Guy Morton, vocals, rhythm guitar
Bob Spencer, guitar
Kevin Hunt, bass
Graham Maddicks, drums 
Dave Milne, keyboards

Support act Dave Milne solo at 3:30pm, Whtsqr 4:30pm.

New album – The Things She Never Owned

‘The Things She Never Owned’ will be launched at Bar 303 on June 30, 3:30pm.

For interviews/hi-res pics or a copy of ‘The Things She Never Owned’ for airplay or review please email or ring 0400 527 365.


Where to buy

  1. iTunes store  (hard to beat for convenience if you use iTunes, not if you don’t)
  2. Direct from us as a CD  (nice, has a case and inserts and stuff. For the touchy feely types)
  3. Bandcamp  (any format you want, has downloadable booklet but not that convenient if you otherwise use iTunes)

If you download it from iTunes you should also help yourself to the The Things She Never Owned Booklet that contains the lyrics and credits and such.