Impractical Balloon is Whtsqr’s second album, following on from The Things She Never Owned. Cameron McKenzie (Horsehead, Mark Seymour and the Undertow) has produced it and it features guest appearances from many excellent musicians, including Pete Farnan (Pesky Bones, Boom Crash Opera), Peter “Maz” Maslan (Boom Crash Opera, Mark Seymour and the Undertow), David Andrew Milne (Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos), Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil) and Rob Lamb, Stu Naylor and Lol Sugar (the FAQs).

Cameron and I also played and sang on it quite a bit. :-)

The cover art features paintings from David Nichols, who has previously designed and drawn record covers for American group Sukpatch, Australia’s Blairmailer, The Cannanes, Flywheel and Huon. David is also the author of a number of great books like Dig and the seminal book on The Go-Betweens. It was great to have him commit his vision of this album to canvas.